Sept 10-13
FIA Euro Finals
Santa Pod Raceway

Sept 12-13
Beaulieu Int'l Autojumble
National Motor Museum

Sept 18-20
Goodwood Revival Meeting
Goodwood circuit

Sept 18-20
Hot Rod Drags
Shakespeare County Raceway

October 16-18

Nov 13-15
NEC Int'l Classic Car Show

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Blast from the Past

We’ve been meaning to publish some of our early photos of British drag racing for some months now, but the lack of a suitable scanner to take transparencies has prevented this.  However that situation has now changed – thanks to an early Christmas present – and we’ve been busy looking through the files for anything we thought would be of interest.  The result is a fairly mixed bag of images which date back through the 1970s, starting in 1973 at Santa Pod, Silverstone in 1974, plus other images from the ‘Pod dating up to around 1979.  We’ve been able to identify most of the cars/bikes and drivers but inevitably there are holes, which were hoping readers might be able to help us with.  If you can provide any more details then we’d be more than happy to add them.  Just e-mail    

Don Schumacher's funny car was one of the star attractions at the 1973 International meeting at Santa Pod, where fans were treated to seven second quarter mile times.  This car is now being recreated in the US

One of the first British funny car solutions was this Hillman Avenger-bodied car for driver Dennis Priddle

Surely one of the longest surviving cars in UK drag history - Al O'Connor's Ford Anglia gasser - which is still going strong to this day.  Photo circa 1973 

American Danny Johnson's Harley (he brought over two) in action in 1973 against Jim brown's 'blown' JAP

Dorset Horn went through various transformations and colour schemes over the years and is still running, albeit with a much longer wheelbase.  The car has been campaigned by Dick Sharp and is shown here with 7 litre Pontiac power - you'll have to believe me as it's impossible to see 

I seem to remember this lovely injected Hemi powered an altered?

Tony Nancy in action at the '73 International meeting at Santa Pod

The Berry's Stagecoach originally used Jaguar power but is shown here sporting a V8

The impressive motor in Stardust

Even more impressive V12 Jaguar power in the Methsdrinker dragster

I think this shot was taken in 1973, but clearly shows Mike Hall's Shutdown, the Invader Vauxhall Firenza, the Page's Panic Topolino, Dorset Horn and what appears to be the Houndog funny car in the distance 

Tony Dickson's Money Hungry Camaro Pro Stocker.  This type of car was very popular in the UK during the 70s.

Jaguar straight six-powered Competition Altered was another regular sight in the 70s

Money Hungry after its expensive repaint with pound notes laquered into the doors.  The car still exists in 70s guise 

What we orginally identified as Russo's Rat, turns out to be Pete Crane's Easy Ridin' injected big block Camaro - thanks for the info Pete

Classic match racing between Priddle and Skilton at Silverstone in 1974.  Check out the close proximity of the fans.  This meeting had a great atmosphere and it's a pity there were just two meetings at this venue.  Somewhere in my loft is cine footage of this meeting which i'm going to try and locate soon 

Colin Mullen's Brooklyn Heavy Dodge Challenger Pro Stocker was aptly renamed London Heavy after it had been imported.  There was a sister car to this one which looked very much like a Chevy Nova

Ed Shaver's novel rear-engined Vauxhall-bodied funny car was a crowd pleaser but never really ran big numbers

Plenty of horsepower and the lack of a limited slip differential meant plenty of tyre smoke from this '50s Vette

Raymond Beadle's Blue Max funny car in burnout mode in 1979 at the 'Pod

A fire marshall gets ready to run when Gene Snow's car gets out of shape in the burnout

Gladiator, one of the many rides of the late Alan Herridge

Houndog 9 in action in 1979

Liam Churchill's Capri Mk2-bodied Euro Sting funny car 

Pop Browns