Sept 10-13
FIA Euro Finals
Santa Pod Raceway

Sept 12-13
Beaulieu Int'l Autojumble
National Motor Museum

Sept 18-20
Goodwood Revival Meeting
Goodwood circuit

Sept 18-20
Hot Rod Drags
Shakespeare County Raceway

October 16-18

Nov 13-15
NEC Int'l Classic Car Show

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Bonneville - 60th Anniversary

The King of Bonneville 


They said Lord March, proprietor of Goodwood, was there.

I didn't see him.
I did see the King of Bonneville, though, riding his tricycle.

He had a nice crown.


Melissa and Mark Gee were there all the way from Donny with their fenderless Deuce pickup with striping by Melissa and beer by Morton. There were  loads of other beer swigging Brits but they were too drunk for me to name them all.



I did see Melissa and Mark Gee from Doncaster there - drinking beer at the annual Hop Up magazine party.
They had shipped over their fenderless Deuce pickup with the help of "John'll Fix It" Reid from SO-CAL.
They were on their way to the California Hot Rod Reunion. Melissa's an accomplished pinstriper.
Mark said he cuts grass.

I believe him!
World's Fastest Man, Andy Green, was there, but he didn't appear to have a ride. 

I guess there are not many 763-mph cars around.



There's a red one and a green one... The red one went 225 and change. A decade ago the green one went 217 mph--I think...


Brits Nash and Suckling were there with their brace of MGs: the SO-CAL-built wagon and the little British racing green MGF.
The wagon hit a creditable 225 mph - as fast as itís ever gone, but no faster.
Maybe throw away that complicated Roush motor and slide in a healthy NASCAR motor with about 850 horsepower.
That'd do the trick.
Never did see the little MGF run.
It did go 217 mph some years ago.
Running one car at Bonneville is hard work.
Two is more than twice as much . . . .


The Kugel family were there in force but old-hand father Jerry was the fastest in their street-driven Muroc Roadster at a tad over 200 mph. Then they drove it home the 700 miles to southern California.  Daughter Jerilyn, first time on the salt, went 187 mph. Car is powered by a GM LS6/7 motor with a Magnusson blower.



Famed hot rod builder and Bonneville racer Jerry Kugel of Kugel Komponents was there with a new, street-driven Kugel Muroc Roadster.
The family - Jerry, Jerilyn, Joe and Jay - drove the car part-way there. Went 200 mph and drove her home.
Daughter Jerilyn even went 187 mph - first time out.
I saw hundreds of Kiwis there.
In the spirit of Burt "World's Fastest Indian" Munroe, they came in force with seven cars and five motorcycles.
Took some records, too.
Chico from Mooneyes was there with his new '27 Roadster and set a record at
193 mph.
Transplanted Scott, Shug Hanchard, was there with Irene but I never saw them run.
Never saw Lord March either (though I understand he bought a rat rod), but then the pits are a mile long and five miles from the start.  

Maybe next year!


Story & Photos: Tony Thacker




The Kiwis brought the coolest push car--this blown, candy apple '59 Cad. It looked like a full-size Hot Wheels. You can only imagine what that salt will do to it. Caveat emptor!!!


The new long wheelbase Fiat Cinquecento. It went 245 mph when I wasn't looking...


Chip Foose (left) was there with Larry Erickson who designed CadZZilla and the Aluma Coupe. Both are involved with Bonneville cars: Chip with Seth Hammond's 300 mph streamliner while Larry is building a backyard Model A Roadster.


Father of the belly tank racer, Bill Burke, was there with his restored Harley-powered Salt Shaker. He also built the "Pumpkin Seed" seen in the background


Danny Thompson was there to recreate his dad Mickey's famous run in a Mustang 40 years ago. The car went 250-something but burned a motor so no record. Left is Larry Erickson who was chief designer at Ford on the new Mustang.


Looked like a 3-wheeled VW bug but the rear wheels were tucked in. Inny and outy louvers were likewise different.


On the 13-hour drive back to Los Angeles we came across this '53 Stupidbaker hardtop for sale on the side of the road. Pretty good condition complete with motor and all trim but no back wheels. There was a yard full of Studestuff--all for sale. We didn't dare ask how much. We mighta hadda buy it... 



Pop Browns