Sept 10-13
FIA Euro Finals
Santa Pod Raceway

Sept 12-13
Beaulieu Int'l Autojumble
National Motor Museum

Sept 18-20
Goodwood Revival Meeting
Goodwood circuit

Sept 18-20
Hot Rod Drags
Shakespeare County Raceway

October 16-18

Nov 13-15
NEC Int'l Classic Car Show

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Wayne's World

All of the fenders are now in place.  The holes for the the headlight bar are being welded up as they are in the wrong place. The splash apron is still to be fitted, though that gorgeous, slightly recessed Dan Fink polished grille is in place  


Last month you may recall we took a look at Gary Chester’s in-progress ’32 five window coupe, which is being expertly pieced together by Wayne Streams in Reading.  Well, Wayne told us it had moved on quite a bit since our last visit, so we went along last week to find out just how far.  We have to say we were pretty much blown away with the progress to date and the car is now well on the way to completion.


Wayne has now panelled out the whole of the interior in metal, fitted the new split Glide seat and installed the dash and a custom panel underneath with the outlets for the air conditioning system.  He’s finished off mounting the fenders, fashioned a fill in panel below the boot lid with custom taillights and a recessed number plate housing, topped with a chrome surround, and made custom horns for the rear bumpers.  On top of that, he’s plumbed in the air conditioning system, and fitted an electric motor for the cowl vent.   The only other major tinwork to complete is the replacement of the door skins with new metal supplied by Bobby Walden Speed Shop, and a yet unresolved issue with the roof infill – a cloth or steel solution still to be decided.


With Gary’s kind permission, here’s the latest set of photos so you’ll get a better impression of the progress made and the high attention to detail throughout.


Story & photos: Andy Kirk


Interior panelling is a work of art and it's a shame all of this will be hidden.  At least Gary knows it's been done properly  


Wayne told us he invested in the circular cutters some time ago.  The ones he uses give a lovely tapered hole for additional panel rigidity as well as a truly professional finish


Wayne noticed that the relationship between the gas tank neck and the cutout in the rear frame horn wasn't consistent, so he moved the neck over to the left and reshaped the cutout for a uniform fit 


Here's what the frame horn looks like on the other side.  Wayne also fashioned a custom piece to go underneath which helps to give a more complete appearance


Again there's lots of attention to detail - the black lines indicate the shape of the stock item.  You can see where extra metal has been added to give a closer, uniform fit


New rear panel is now in place with custom tail lights and recessed number plate


Air conditioning system is now looking more complete


The fenders didn't quite match up and left a triangular gap, so Wayne reshaped them, and added a new strip of metal to finish


As you can see, the coupe has moved on quite a bit since our last visit


Licence plate has been recessed and fitted with a chrome surround with inset light 

Pop Browns