Sept 10-13
FIA Euro Finals
Santa Pod Raceway

Sept 12-13
Beaulieu Int'l Autojumble
National Motor Museum

Sept 18-20
Goodwood Revival Meeting
Goodwood circuit

Sept 18-20
Hot Rod Drags
Shakespeare County Raceway

October 16-18

Nov 13-15
NEC Int'l Classic Car Show

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Rummaging at the Autojumble

Beaulieuís MotorMart Autojumble (the little sister to the big International Autojumble held in September) has been running for 16 years and appears to have attracted a very strong European influence both in the number of traders and show visitors.


As a newby to the event, this was somewhat of a surprise.  Eavesdropping on conversations or simply asking for information on items for sale was met with responses in English speaking French, German and other Eastern European languages.  It wasnít a problem, but I hadnít realised the event attracted such a huge overseas following.


This stunning hand made aluminium Jaguar XK (about 1/4 scale) had been created by a German exhibitor.  It was for sale as part of a very limited production run, priced at £6,500 apiece. 


The sheer scale of the event with around 1000 trade stands to explore, takes your breath away and it is certainly worth a trip to the event in Hampshire if you havenít been there before.  However, as you get half way round the stands, it becomes apparent that a great many traders are selling similar items.  Donít get me wrong, if you are looking for headlights, tail lights, electrical items such as gauges and period tyres for your classic then you will not be disappointed, but there wasnít the huge variety of trade stands Iíd been expecting.


Part of the diverse line-up of cars for sale


The MotorMarque feature, an addition to the show last year, celebrated 60 years of the Morris Minor, though there were displays of Daimler SP250s and the Ford Anglia from the 1960s too.


In the central arena could be found a selection of classics for sale ranging from a barn find Ford Anglia and  Popular from the Ď50s (at £450 apiece) to a rare and in reasonable condition Chevy Vega priced at £4,000.  Whether you fancied a gem or a project, there was something to suit most pockets.


These two early Fords were described as barn finds previously in storage for 24 years - and you could well believe it.  The blue one was an Anglia and the black one a Popular.  Both were priced at £450 each.  They may have sold by now but you could always check with Peter on: 07848 452761


Motoring artist Ian Cook, who many may remember paints his canvas with radio controlled model cars, was in action, creating a huge painting of the TWR Jaguar XJR-8  on display within the museum, in his characteristic impressionist style.


A useful feature of the event was the ĎAsk the Expertsí section within the marquee of show sponsors Classics Monthly magazine.  Here you could see hand-formed metal shapes being created, ask questions, or examine a range of tools designed to make classic car restoration easier for enthusiasts.


All in all, it was an enjoyable day out, a chance to browse for hours at leisure, but if you are looking for more unusual items and more choice, it seems the big event in September is the one not to miss.  


Story & photos: Andy Kirk


Lovely grille treatment on this early Buick

The badge read Cooper on the nose of this child-sized single seater, but it needed a lot of work 

Remanufactured steel wheels for early Jaguars

It wouldn't be an autojumble without lots of old containers from a bygone era

Quite a few expensive tin plate toys were for sale, including this Indy car with headless driver

Chevy Vega from the 70s was up for grabs at £4000.  Not especially desireable, but rare nontheless


An unwanted collection of race trophies were for sale at £70. The cup mentioned F1 winner, but we didn't recognise the name 

This immaculate Chevy truck had to be good value at £12,500 

Newly manufactured vintage tyres

For pick-up for sale from Alan Carrington

The event is truly international with its own Bureau de Change 

Artist Ian Cook mid-way through another painting - this time of a Le Mans Jaguar

Pop Parts Plus were there in force

A company was remaking this Riley Special to order

There was a handful of specialist parts suppliers selling essential service components for old classics

The bloke on the bike could be a local TV presenter as he toured the show with a film crew

Pop Browns