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Ammar’s “Bullrod” artwork - a candy red jewel from Pakistan



Hot rodding is alive and well in Pakistan.  Take a look at these amazing renderings from 25 year old Ammar Abbas and you can clearly see he’s been bitten by the bug.  We stumbled across Ammar’s work while thumbing through a recent copy of 3D World magazine and had to find out more about it, so we fired off a few questions and here’s what he had to say.



Q.  You obviously have a strong interest in hot rods.  Can you tell us where that interest stems from?

A. I like the look of hot rods, they can appear quite evil and I like the idea of mixing old bodies with advanced mechanical systems.



Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A.  I’ve been working for three years on 3D digital environments, architecture, commercials and VFX.  My dream is to work on films or video games.





Q.  Does the car you illustrated exist or is this something you created?

A. It is all my own design created on a computer.  I am a 3D modeller/animator/visualizer by profession and I created this series of images in my own time.  Designing hot rods is my passion.  This is my first but I am working on others.



Q. Can you tell us how you created your artwork, how long it took, what programmes you used and what was the inspiration behind it?

 A.  I created it using 3ds Max, Photoshop for texturing the scene and Mudbox, plus I rendered it in V-Ray.  It took about one month to complete.  The inspiration is early Fords as I like the look of them.





Q. How long did it take you to produce the big image of the interior?

A. That interior is very detailed and it took me three days to model it.  The texturing and lighting part took an extra two days.


Q. What are you most pleased with about your artwork?

A. My favourite part is the candy red paintwork as it was not easy to produce in V-Ray. The most difficult part was getting the body proportions right.  It took a long time to create the exact look I was looking for.  I was aiming for the purposeful look of a bull, a hardcore expression for the front and have come up with the term “bullrod” to describe it.  I also tried to capture in the renderings a sense of it being a sunny day with strong shadows.


Q. What’s your favourite hot rod?

A. That would have to be Chip Foose’s 1956 Ford F-100 pickup.






If you want to find out more about Ammar’s artwork, there is more on show at

It’s also worth pointing out here that the size of the images we are able to display do not do justice to Ammar’s work, as all of that intricate rendering – the leather on the seats and steering wheel, the rough cast finish on the wheels and dash have been lost.


Story: Andy Kirk

Images: Ammar Abbas








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